La Cité du Fleuve, architectural prowess , soon established on the Congo River. Being initiated by Hawkwood Properties « La Cité du Fleuve» has received from the council of ministers of the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo the amenity to be accomplished on the site of marshes of the Congo River, in the capital Kinshasa .

Conceived to appear from marshes and from an islet of the Congo River, at the North of the city of Kinshasa , « La Cité du Fleuve», such a white water lily, will constitute in any season more than a tourist attraction .

The site chosen by the real estate developer Hawkwood Properties SPRL is in the humid zone along the river Congo . It is after development of the marshes that this ground, flooded permanently, will be transformed into a superb « Cité du fleuve ».

On 200 hectares recovered on the humid shores of the river Congo , « La Cité du fleuve » will consist of group of buildings, at the final stadium, with residential usage of high standard, offices, an extra modern shopping centre, an attraction park, rooms of conferences , a parking, a marina as well as public equipment of accompaniment .

Original and innovative plan in more than a title, « La Cité du Fleuve » will answer, according to his concepteurs, in the most pointed architectural, geotechnical, environmental and security norms.

However, considering the smallness of the space earned on the river, promoters sometimes favour building in height (2 - 3 floors) of certain buildings

Such a satellite floating on the riversides of the majestic river Congo , off the quarter

Kingabwa, « La Cité du Fleuve» will be linked up to dry land by two bridges and two modern freeways. The first one will make junction with the Poids Lourds avenue by coming out on Ndolo airport. The second will link it up with the same Poids Lourds avenue by way of the Funa River .

Futurist, La Cité du Fleuve dresses all characteristics of an architectural leader of work combining modernity, sobriety, friendliness and pleasure of living . It will make the pride of RDC because she will become, certainly the tourist focal point of first plan, with the various consequences which it is entitled to generate.